Science and Technology

Should Other Companies Worry About Tesla?

By John Duncan

Automotive companies are getting worried about Tesla and the Model III. With its 35 thousand dollar price tag it’s right along its competitors. It’s set to compete with the BMW 3-series, Audi a4, and the Mercedes cla45 and some other vehicles. 325 thousand people have reserved there model III and they have already made profit  without the car being on the market yet. There has been a study saying that most buyers consider a BMW which would be the most affordable option, most of the entry level    luxury cars are not fully electric. Audi planes to build an electric     E-Tron Quattro awd suv for a   competitor to Tesla’s Model x, and Mercedes is planning also, but they have a lot of time to plan. Tesla has not finished the design of the Model III, and they haven’t figured out what parts they are going to use. Tesla also has  another big project on their hands. They are working on the LAPD using their cars. Tesla seems to be at an all-time high, but there has been so recent scares. For example on May, 12th a man claimed that his Tesla crashed itself while using the summon mode, which is a feature for the car to park itself. Tesla claims that it’s not their fault that the car crashed. The feature is still in beta and the owner seem to not  understand that, they say. They also they the feature should only be used on private property. The Tesla hit a trailer that was high up. Many say it might be a bug in Tesla’s features because the sensors didn’t detect it. Another big problem was when Tesla was caught paying a foreign worker 5 dollars an hour, but no one seems to be losing faith in Tesla.