Water on Mars?

By Logan Bonacum

Mars, the fourth planet from the sun, is very far away from Earth. Getting there is the big question. To answer that we would have to go 139,808,518 miles, or 225 million kilometers. It’s quite a long way! But, what NASA is trying to figure out is can we send humans to the red planet, Mar? NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025.  Asteroids may have resources, like drinking water, which astronauts could use to bathe. More importantly we could break it down into its component parts, like oxygen. Then to Mars in the 2030s. We have things on Mars, just not us. We have robots that are on Mars. In 2003 between June and July two robots were launched to Mars and landed there in January 2004. With their solar panels to give them fuel they are still running as of this day, or “sol.” A sol means a day on Mars, a sol is 24 hours, and 39 minutes.

People have always wondered if there is water on Mars. Evidence supports that there was water is totally true! NASA has released that there is supporting     evidence of water streams on mars, yet again, just   frozen. Water on Mars exists today almost entirely as ice, though it also exists in small amounts as vapor in the atmosphere. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provides the strongest evidence that liquid  water flows on present-day Mars.