How Did I not Notice?

By Eurusalem Gebire

Marathons are a common way of exercise. So common, that even dogs have finished it. But now, a girl, twelve years old, ran half a marathon. Lee Adrinez Rodriguez-Espada was running late to the Wegmans Family 5K Sunday in Rochester, New York. To save time, her mom dropped her off before parking the car. Rodriguez hurried to the starting line only to realize the race has already started. She was told to just start running and quickly fell into pace with the others.

Meanwhile, her mother was at the finish line of a different race, expecting to congratulate her daughter within an hour. Rodriguez focused on keeping her head up and getting to the end. What she failed to realize until mile four was that the finish line was   nowhere to be found. “And that’s when it struck me, I was in the half marathon instead of the 5K.” She told CNN news. Instead of dropping out she decided to keep running. When her mother, Brendalee Espada realized her daughter wasn’t among the runners crossing the 5K line, she alerted race officials and police. At first, authorities, were concerned. An  officer eventually found Rodriguez on the course of the Flower City Half Marathon. The young runner said she could not quit; she felt the need to accomplish the race.

Rodriguez ran ten miles farther than she had expected, and when she crossed the finish line, her mother was crying tears of joy. Rodriguez finished the race in two hours and forty-five minutes. “I’m really proud,” said the joyful mother who has to drive her daughter to another race this weekend. Rodriguez-Espada plans to keep a closer eye on her daughter in the future.