I’m Lovin’ It

By Leah Nepo

Fast-food restaurants aren’t hitting the snooze button anymore.

McDonald’s made the delicious  decision to allow their breakfast menu items to be sold all day long, helping increase lunch and dinner sales. Burger King is introducing new early-morning delights in the beginning of May. Taco Bell, a competitor that started selling all their morning meals in 2014, revised the prices recently. Subway is offering a buy-one-get-one sub deal this spring and Dunkin Donuts revamped the menu-boards and  began advertising their incredibly cheap dollar slushies-perfect for the hot summer temperatures.

So, what’s all the hype about? Isn’t it just the classic bacon, eggs, and coffee? Yes, it is. (With some extra hash browns involved.) Brunch is fueling sales for America,           especially in the restaurant business. McDonald’s sales are up by 5.4 percent and it’s mostly because of the brand new rendition of the world famous menu. Dunkin Donuts is close behind in purchases and the obvious competition is boosting attention to the food there. Other fast-food joints are predicted to pass that as well. All this tasty food is leaving Americans with one last question.

When is Wendy’s going to join in?